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Taking Care of Your Mental Health


Dialysis Patient Depression Toolkit

This toolkit was designed by patients and for patients, in collaboration with healthcare experts, to help individuals who feel they may be experiencing depression.

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I Can Do It: My Plan to Take Charge of My Life

This document offers a guide to help patients recognize and analyze their feelings and concerns to make a plan to address uneasiness and trouble in their life.

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Just The Facts: Dealing with Depression

This Life Options handout provides information and guidance on dealing with depression and managing one's mental health.

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Understanding Depression in Kidney Disease

"Understanding Depression in Kidney Disease" is the latest addition to the AAKP Understanding series. Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from some form of depression. Many people with depression do not seek help, even though most of those with severe cases can be helped. Kidney disease patients are at an increased risk of suffering from depression. Understanding Depression in Kidney Disease gives readers an understanding of what depression is, what may cause it and how it is treated.

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A "New Normal": Life on Dialysis—The First 90 Days

Living on dialysis can be challenging. Many issues demand your attention as you develop “new normals” in your life. This booklet can help you learn about what to expect and how to address the issues you might face.

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Kidney School: Coping with Dialysis (Module 5)

Despite kidney disease, you are still you. In this module, learn about typical stages of adjustment, and find resources and ideas to help you live long and live well.

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Living Well on Dialysis: Take Charge of Your Emotions

If you receive dialysis treatments for kidney disease, you probably spend a lot of time focused on your physical health. That’s important -- but so, too, is your mental and emotional well-being. Dialysis is life-saving, but it’s also life-changing. Still, by taking charge of your emotional health -- and accepting help when you need it -- you can live a rewarding life on dialysis.

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